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  • The Lancet: Social innovation in global health: sparking location action


    Health innovation is often developed in response to local challenges, fueled from frontline health workers by unique needs and opportunities. Yet the power to scale up innovation is often vested in high-level authorities that have limited understanding of local contexts. How can innovation in global health be sparked? A growing social innovation in health movement shows that innovation is more effective when it emerges bottom-up from low-income and middle-income countries....


  • Mckinsey: Understanding the impact of unmet social needs on consumer health and healthcare


    Healthcare industry stakeholders increasingly recognize that in order to deliver improved health outcomes, it is necessary to address the social factors that influence consumer health....


  • McKinsey: Seven healthcare industry trends to watch in 2020


    Healthcare is an essential, dynamic, and opportunity-rich industry. The demand for innovation to drive simultaneous improvement in health outcomes, affordability, quality, and access will continue to be high....


  • Deloitte: Global consumer trends in health care


    What are the consumer behaviors that are impacting the global health care ecosystem? From North America to Asia to Europe, digital tools and other technologies are helping consumers take more control of their health, according to results of Deloitte’s recent global health care consumer survey. As a part of this research, we surveyed over 26,500 consumers in eight countries - Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. To further explore the findings from the survey, each of these countries has developed a local assessment of the results. Explore this blog series that showcases these country perspectives....


  • Forbes: Top 8 Predictions That Will Disrupt Healthcare in 2020


    Every year, our team of futurists, analysts, and consultants at Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Healthcare Group comes together to brainstorm and predict the themes, technologies, and global forces that will define the next 12 to 18 months for the healthcare industry. We also retrospect how we did each year, and each year we are becoming more accurate in the predictions we make....




    The future of healthcare delivery is approaching quickly. Oxford Economics worked with Accenture to field a survey of nearly 8,000 consumers across seven countries about their experiences with both traditional healthcare and alternative methods like walk-in clinics, virtual care, and on-demand services....


  • Promoting an overdue digital transformation in healthcare


    For all the ways that technology is transforming the way people shop, bank, and travel, it has yet to make major inroads into how they receive healthcare. The adoption of digitally enabled tools for diagnosis, treatment, and management, for example, has been modest. Electronic medical records are still not a part of routine care. According to the Electronic Medical Record Adoption model, adoption ranges from just 3 percent in Europe to 35 percent in the United States....


  • Accenture: 2019 Digital Health Trends Report


    To better understand the huge opportunities that digital health solutions present for California, Accenture and the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), the trade association representing California’s life sciences sector, have conducted the state’s fi rst-ever study on digital health amongst life sciences companies. Executives from 184 biopharmaceutical, medical device and technology companies, with revenues exceeding $10 million, participated in our industry-wide survey. Additionally, we conducted 25 interviews with C-level life science thought leaders to get an inside look at the innovation going on in the digital health space....


  • Accenture: Digital Health Tech Vision 2019


    It has become part of everything we do as people, as businesses and society. However, its impact on the expectations of individual people is changing. People are increasingly expecting healthcare on their own terms, and they expect digital to be the enabler....


  • Mckinsey: The era of exponential improvement in healthcare?


    Healthcare advances have delivered great benefits to society, bringing material improvements in average life spans and quality of life. Yet these improvements have come at a cost—an ever-expanding portion of the US GDP is being consumed by healthcare expenses....


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