The outbreak of COVID-19 and spread of the pandemic have threatened human health and hit the world economy significantly.

At this moment, more than ever, we urgently need to advance technical and industrial cooperation in the health industry of all countries, overcome all difficulties and enhance communications between industrial leaders, so as to fundamentally enhance the scientific and technological strength and manufacturing capacity of human beings to cope with major epidemics and various health threats.

Therefore, Asia-Pacific CEO Association (APCEO) and Govenment of Zhejiang Province of China jointly sponsor and host Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference - Leaders' Online Video Summit 2020.


The Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference will gather industry leaders, science and technology leaders and investment giants worldwide, integrate global technology, industry and capital resources to create a new highland for world health industry cooperation.


In this special period, this special summit is convened to unite global efforts, speed up key technology research and promote sustainable development of the industry!

At the same time, we are increasingly aware that it is the health industry that will need the most intensive technology breakthrough, have the most potentials and deserve the most attention in the future.

The Conference will strengthen the global influence and cohesion of health industry of Zhejiang province.

1. Basic information


Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference (GHICC)

- Leader' Online  Vidio Summit

(2)Leaders of GHICC :

- Hon. Dominique de Villepin, Former French Prime Minister

- Hon. John Winston Howard, Former Prime Minister of Australia

- Leaders of Zhejiang Province

(3)Theme: Advanced technology — Human Health

(4)Time: 15:00-17:30 June 8, 2020 ( Beijing time)

(5)Venue: Global online video conference

2. Attendees

(1)Proposed international guests

- Government officials of international medicine and health departments, heads of international organizations,

- Executives from Fortune Global 500,

- Executives from Forbes Global 2000,

- Executives from health industry global 100,

- Executives from top 100 companies for various rankings of the health industry,

- Executives of listed international enterprises,

- Heads of other well-known enterprises in the health industry,

- Investors from global top 100 industrial investment companies and top 500 global investment companies,

- Academicians of academy of medical sciences, academy of sciences and academy of engineering worldwide,

- Presidents, deans, and scientists of world famous universities,

- Scientific and technological innovators and inventors of health related industries worldwide,

- Head of medical institutions with global influence.

(2)Proposed Chinese guests

- Leaders of ZheJiang province of China,

- Head of China's central enterprises,

- Head of China's top 500 enterprises,

- Heads of other well-known enterprises in China's health industry,

- Heads of other institutions in Zhejiang Province.

3. Activities

Opening ceremony

- Speech by government leaders and international dignitaries

- Publishing "cooperation information of medical and health industry global 100”

Keynote speech

- Keynote speech by health industry leaders and famous scholars

Special cooperation and dialogue

Signing of key cooperation projects

Announcement of the establishment of International Health Industry Technology Cooperation Center

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